Are you ready to play faster?

Increase your hand speed in 30 days

Is it really possible to play just one month?

YES!!! It is truly possible to see real results in only 30 days.

  • The Faster Hands Mini-Course is your opportunity to play faster in just one month.
  • This course will help you develop speed and accuracy by focusing on the essential exercises that build speed.

Imagine what it will feel like a month from now when you are able to play your favorite chops and licks with more speed and accuracy.

Take the 30 day challenge to faster hands with this FREE course.

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    The FASTER HANDS mini-course includes:

    • The techniques and strategies you need to increase your hand speed.
    • 14 exercises that focus on the essential skills and build speed.
    • A proven practice system that yields results in 30 days
    • AND... it's completely FREE

    This course is taught by a drummer with over 20 years experience. JJ from Next Level Drums, LLC is committed to helping drummers gain the knowledge and skills to improve their craft. Next Level Drums, LLC provides drum instruction for students of all levels with specific resources for drummers studying Gospel and/or Jazz. Next Level Drum Courses provide a step by step system that ensures progress from the beginner stage to advanced levels.